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A Day In The Life
You need to remember the best legacy you can give your kids is an example of a life well-lived. - Brooke Costillo

A Day in the Life

Today I am creating a different kind of episode — one that I have loved listening to myself, from others.

All week, I took notes.

What choices did I make? 

What happened, and what did not happen? 

Where did I win, and what did I need to learn? 

Is there anything that I am experiencing that might serve you?

These are questions I asked myself, and then just pressed record — going day-by-day through the last week.

A few highlights:

  • I threw out my back
  • I re-configured my to-do list
  • I learned a really important lesson from my coach
  • I made some extra space for my kids
  • I took a day off, which has not been happening since we’ve been home

Tell me about your week.

What are you learning in this unique time? Come share over on Instagram

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